Dear Students,

Biomedical engineering is one of the most popular and promising fields of the future. As being the first university of the Republic and with its strong academic and infrastructure foundations, Ankara University Department of Biomedical Engineering aims to educate pioneering engineers in the biomedical field.

The first students enrolled in our Department in the Fall semester of 2015-16 acedemic year. Since then, Department of Biomedical Engineering  keeps its hard work to help the prospective students to establish their future successfully with its strong and dynamic academic members and highly qualified academic program,.

Biomedical engineering is a multidisciplinary engineering field that produces diagnostic, therapeutic and regenerative-purposed equipment and solutions. While being in a close collaboration with medicine, biomedical engineering feeds from electrical and electronics, computer, mechanical, material and genetics scientific fields. Examples of biomedical applications are medical imaging systems and their software, measuring biomedical signals and developing equipment to analyze those signals, production of implants, generating regenerative tissue, developing personal treatment methods, pharmaceutical medicine and production of therapeutic biologicals. In this regard, Biomedical Engineering in English is founded on the fundamental engineering, life sciences and professional engineering courses and applications. The mission and vision of the department, academic staff and other study fields and course schedule are shared on our web page.

If you foresee your future as an expert who produces solutions to the problems in the health sector together with the medical field using an engineering approach, biomedical engineering will be a suitable profession for you.

We wish success to all of you and looking forward to welcoming you in Ankara University Department of Biomedical Engineering.