Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering Laboratory

In Dr. Huri’s research lab, biomimetic strategies are being developed for engineering of tissues including bone, cartilage, skeletal muscle, tendon and ligaments. Advanced manufacturing techniques, 3D bioprinters and tissue culture bioreactors are used to generate the biomimetic grafts and methods are being investigated to regulate stem cell fate.

Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine Laboratory

Dr. Yılmazer’s research group focuses on the applications of cell reprogramming and nanomaterials in cancer and regenerative medicine. Specific research areas include: cancer cell reprogramming as a treatment or disease-modelling technology; development of novel technologies or nanomaterials for directing cell fate; in vivo cellular reprogramming and its applications in regenerative medicine.

Medical Image Processing and Data Mining Laboratory

The research focus of Dr. Saygılı’s research group is on biomedical image processing including different modalities such as CT and MRI and data mining for bioinformatics.

Proteomics and Metabolomics Laboratory

The research activities in Dr. Demiralp’s Laboratory have been focused on proteomics and metabolomics based approaches and biomarker detection for both diagnosis and treatment of metabolic diseases (such as cancer, diabets mellitus).

Bio-Smart Materials Laboratory

The research activities in Dr. Göktaş’s laboratory is focused on the design and construction of plasma and vapor deposition devices; synthesis of functional polymeric nano-particles, thin film surfaces and interfaces and investigating the basis of molecular binding and interactions with the surrounding molecules and their applications in sensor (bio-sensor, gas sensor), smart and anti-microbial materials, biomedical and opto-electronic technologies.